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Welcome to Ireland Private Tours

Ireland Private Tours is special in that we provide an unforgettable two-week all Ireland experience where only Ireland’s top attractions are included making this tour second to none. We also provide access to some of the best accommodation there is according to your individual needs. In other words, we cater to everyone whether you choose 5 star accommodations or prefer a more grounded approach utilizing a blend of hotels and hostels. Moreover, the places you will see are simply breathtaking.

Your tour will consist of a mixture of bus guided tours, walking tours, and many other specialized tours with plenty to see and do. Ireland is a magical place full of art, history, legend and folklore with every town and city throughout being untouched for centuries adding to the cerebral experience and natural beauty that will reveal itself to you and warm your spirit, so whether you like learning or exploring you'll love how we've designed your holiday.

What sets us apart from every other tour operator is that we treat you like you’re a celebrity that deserves our fullest attention. Our Gold tour costs 2,700 Euro per person ( 2 person minimum) and the holiday lasts 19 days. However, you may wish to chose our Platinum package instead because it includes five-star accommodations as well as other perks and as far as add-on's go "the Sky's the limit" since we have the ablity to manage every aspect of you holiday so no matter what it is you require we can simply delivery. Simply call us for a quote?

We can also provide security, catering, private limo, plane or private jet hire, yacht chartering, fishing trips, scuba diving, wedding planning, special events and more.  In short, our tours are special because we cater to people from all walks of life and many have taken adavantage of our services including but not limited to: CEO’s, Washington officials, Celebrities and even Royalty but the best part is we still make it special for you! We are located on the Ring of Kerry so call us today you'll be glad you did.







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Ireland Private Tours

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